My Journey to Safer Products & Why I’m All in with Beautycounter

The EU has eliminated over 1,400 ingredients in their cosmetics while the U.S. has only eliminated 30. How is that possible? And has it really been 80+ years since Congress last voted to regulate any ingredients?

I’m naturally skeptical. But, when I was pregnant with Griffin, I started reading more health and beauty information – and I realized that I needed to clean up my act. I ate healthy food and worked out, so why wasn’t I putting the same amount of thought and energy into what I put ON my body? Facts like those above are not only true, they’re scary! I started by looking at my deodorant, shampoo and body wash after reading news articles about chemicals in those products and listening to a podcast with the founder of Schmidt’s deodorant. She is highly educated and started the company because we needed safer alternatives! I was so excited to try their deodorant, but a few days in I ended up with an extremely itchy armpit rash. As it turns out, my body was detoxing from the chemical it was used to (that’s normal!). I’m currently using Tom’s deodorant, but I have a different Schmidt’s deodorant and Primally Pure on my list to try next.

I began with the products above because they were easy changes that weren’t too expensive and would positively benefit my hormones and health. A few months after that, I began looking at my makeup. I had NO background knowledge on this, and had used random, cheap makeup most of my life, so I did what everyone else does these days: I turned to the internet. I read different articles from various sources. I listened to more podcasts and did some Googling. Regardless of the bias or company, everyone seemed to agreed: the beauty industry is unregulated and that can be dangerous.

I mean, toxins and heavy metals in makeup? That doesn’t seem right! As said in this Women’s Health article about clean beauty: “Since makeup sits on the skin for the day, it is important to select products that are free of chemicals that are questionable or contain irritants… Chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, and synthetic fragrances are all linked to harmful health effects such as hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation.”

The first makeup product that made the most sense for me to change was my foundation. I slather it on my face daily and so my skin is absorbing whatever is in it. That’s where Beautycounter comes in. My sister-in-law has really sensitive skin, and had mentioned them before as a natural product option that didn’t irritate her eczema. I realized that an old friend from college had also talked about Beautycounter on social media, so I reached out to her to learn more. I browsed their website and searched reviews, and then ended up ordering their Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. I loved the feel of it – and that it includes sunscreen – but after using it for a few days, I decided that it wasn’t enough coverage for me at work (hi, breakouts in my late 20s!). I ordered Beautycounter’s Tint Skin foundation and haven’t looked back! I now use both the tinted moisturizer and the foundation, depending on the day and how much coverage I need.

Now, I’m all in – I completely support Beautycounter’s mission and love all of the other products I’ve tried too. In fact, I just signed on to be a Beautycounter consultant and advocate for safer beauty! That doesn’t mean I use them exclusively – I’ve been using that classic pink and green mascara tube for over a decade and haven’t been able to quit it yet! But I am focusing more on quality products and slowly cleaning up my makeup preferences. Once you’re aware of how bad some of the other makeup is for you, it’s hard to turn a blind eye.

From an armpit rash to discovering safer foundation, my clean product journey is just beginning! I continue to learn more every day. What kind of skincare and makeup products do you use? Are you willing to continue using them, even knowing that your skin is absorbing the toxins and it may be disrupting your hormones or leading to other health issues? I’d love to help you find safer swaps!

Beautycounter Quick Facts:

  • It’s not the kind of MLM you’re thinking of: It’s a direct retail company, which means you can go to their website and order whatever you want on your own! They also have a store in NYC and pop-up locations around the country. Our founder wanted to have consultants because she knew that women educating other women within their community is far more powerful than anything else. The benefits of going through a Beautycounter consultant include: education, product assistance and to support those who are advocating for safer beauty!
  • As a Certified B Corporation, Beautycounter is committed to using business as a force for positive change.
  • Since the industry isn’t regulated, we created the “Never List,” which is a list of 1,500 questionable ingredients we’ll never use in any products.
  • Beautycounter takes the nerve out of ordering makeup online: You can return anything within 60 days and get your money back! You can also switch out shades, no problem.
  • Every product is cruelty free, nontoxic and safe for pregnant and nursing women.

My Beautycounter Favorites:

Not sure where to start? This skincare quiz is helpful!

The Environmental Working Group is also a great resource to check the score of your current skincare and makeup products.