Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It was a long week of sickness in our house, and we are READY for some fun adventures and family visitors! Here are a few of my favorites this week… please share any of your favorite finds or tips in the comments too!

Travel-sized rollerball perfume: If you’re like me and always forget about perfume, these smaller rollerball perfumes are perfect to stash in your purse and the car! I currently have this one from Target and this set from Urban Outfitters (especially love the pistachio brulee scent).

Coffee & Crumbs podcast: This has been my saving grace at the gym, on walks and in the car for the past year! I’m eventually going to run out of new episodes though, so any other podcast recommendations would be appreciated.


Houseplant tip: I have a black thumb, admittedly, but I recently took a cool houseplant class at a local nursery and they let us in on an insider tip: Stick a chopstick into the soil to check for moisture! That can help you determine how often it needs water. I also learned that you only need to water most houseplants once every week or two — and it’s not always that easy to keep succulents alive (validation!).

Sleepless thoughts: I wrote an article about not sleeping after a week of not sleeping… as I said, sickness really got to us this week 😉 Maybe you can relate? 

How to make potatoes crispy: It’s the small battles, you guys. If you’ve always wondered how to make your roasted potatoes crispy, there’s finally a solution. I’m now soaking my potatoes before baking them. And if that’s not ending on a high note, I don’t know what is!

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