Favorites: Better Beauty Products

“The skincare product that Megan Markle swears by”

Who hasn’t fallen for a headline like that? Even if you aren’t as royally obsessed as I am, there is probably some other celebrity or athlete who piques your curiosity. I want to know their secrets! Of course, when they’re revealed, it often seems unrealistic – either the solution is a skeptical drugstore hack or it’s exorbitantly expensive.

Now, we don’t all have millions of dollars to spend on custom dermatologist-recommended regimes or weekly facials. Between watermelon masks and the latest CBD trend, the number of products and ingredients on the market today can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are safer, accessible products out there today that work well, have simple ingredient lists and won’t break the bank.

I first started looking into more natural skincare and beauty products when I was pregnant with Griffin. I was being so cautious about every area of my life, from exercise to food and vitamins, but I hadn’t realized the impact of my personal products. And our skin is our largest organ! So, I did some research and began learning about how ingredients in deodorant, lotion, moisturizer and more can affect our hormones and health – some have even been linked to infertility and diseases.


I first changed my deodorant (great resources on why here and here!) and then turned to my makeup. The one product that I wear every day? Foundation and moisturizer of some kind. So I decided that I should probably be more aware of what is being absorbed into my skin daily! In my quest for cosmetics that were clean but not completely crunchy, I found Beautycounter. It’s a safer beauty option that actually works! In fact, after using their products for a while and learning more about the company and their mission, I decided to join the Beautycounter team! And I’d love to explain more if you’re interested.


Anyway, a few favorites that I’ve been loving lately include:

Dew Skin tinted moisturizer

Tint Skin foundation

Countercontrol clear pore cleanser

Thayers rose petal witch hazel

Tinted lip balm

In terms of baby products, we’ve been using Burt’s Bees or Honest Co. shampoo and body wash. I also LOVE Original Sprout lotion. 

EWG’s Healthy Living App is a great resource that I just discovered thanks to The Fitnessista – you can scan any product at the store or search for products in your house already to see the ingredient score and health rating! It’s a great place to start if, like me, you’re still in the process of trying to find better alternatives for items you use often.

What are your favorite natural products? I’d love any recommendations… especially mascara or dry shampoo. I haven’t been able to quit my Maybelline mascara or Batiste habits yet!

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