Favorites: (Almost) Summer Book Review

It seems like just yesterday that I used to read books on airplanes. And by yesterday, I mean approximately two years ago (hey, Griff!).

I know that it won’t be long before he’s easily occupied while traveling, but right now, I’m the person on your flight stealing jealous glances at your book while I open the fifteenth applesauce pouch and catch a flying Hot Wheels car. My reading is currently limited to naptime and bedtime, which means I’m pretty picky about which books are “worth it.” And the following three definitely are! All of the stories below left me still randomly thinking about them weeks or months afterward — a definite sign of a good book!

Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

This book covers some heavy topics, but it surprisingly never felt hard to read or too depressing. I think it’s because the author writes in a fun, conversational and introspective style. With that said, I sometimes found myself skimming over some of the main character’s avoidance of reality and self-discovery parts to see what actually happens next! Clearly I’ve become more impatient with books the last few years 😉 Overall, though, I’d definitely recommend this one. It makes you think, but somehow still feels like an easy beach read (best of both worlds)!

You Me Everything

I just loved this book! I mean, what’s not to love about a well-written story, featuring motherhood and romance, that’s set in the French countryside? I thought the main character was super relatable, and the author did a great job unfolding her complicated past with her son’s father. Plus, I’m a sucker for most books set in France! It surprised me and left me smiling — which is basically a requirement now. I need happy books in the midst of all of the bad news around us!

Close Enough to Touch

We always see those crazy articles about unimaginable conditions — but what if that was your reality? This book follows a woman who is allergic to human touch as she tried to live a normal life as a librarian. It’s a unique story line that felt different from many books today. I loved the writing style and the way the author makes you completely understand how this woman became a recluse who is afraid of getting close to anyone (literally!). It’s a sweet book that provides you with a new perspective!


What are you reading right now? Educated is next on my list!


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